1. Add healthy food to your diet. Try adding a piece of fruit with your breakfast or chopped veggies for a snack at lunch. The more healthy food you add to the diet, the more satisfied your body will feel with the added nutrients, leaving less room for junk food.


2. Drink your water. This may not be a challenge for you, but for many it is. Try starting your morning with water (add juice from a ¼ lemon for additional digestive support), even before your morning coffee. This will help set the stage for your hydration level for the day. Naturally non-caffeinated herbal teas count towards your water intake, which are comforting this time of year. When your body is hydrated, you can think more clearly, feel more energized, and improve digestion. Drink up!


3. Take a deep breath. When you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, literally take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Continue for a couple of minutes to allow your nervous system to calm down and remind your body that you are ok. Life comes with many stressors, whether they be situational or ongoing. If you find yourself feeling anxious about many things on a near daily basis, there are many naturopathic options. Schedule and appointment, let’s talk and develop a treatment plan for you.


4. Move your body. This is going to look different for everyone. There are many situational, physical, and time constraints that interfere with the ideal exercise schedule. Try adding a family walk after dinner, a workout class with a friend on your lunch hour, or an in-home routine before work. The energy you get will be worth the energy you put in, however daunting this sounds. It is ideal to reach 150 minutes moderate intensity activity each week.


5. Spend time doing things that bring you joy. It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day routine and lose sight of what makes us who we are. Do you love drawing? Turn off the TV for 30 minutes and plug in some quality “you” time. Haven’t seen a dear friend in a while? Call a family member to look after the kids while you reconnect. Our day to day choices make up our reality, be sure to spend time doing what you love to do. The dishes can wait, you have a life to live!